Our Story

April Moon Farm was established in November of 2016. However, the farm began many years ago.  

It started at Grandma Evelyn's house in the summer as she taught Allison to can blackberry jam and ripe peaches.

It started in our community garden plot in Cheney, while Joe worked on his Master's degree and Allison raised a herd of toddlers.

It started in a rental house (our fourth child was born in that living room) fresh out of college where we bought our first chickens.

It started with dairy goats, more poultry, 4H meetings for our kids, and the county fair.

It started when we rented a home on four acres and failed miserably at weeding the garden.

We may have bought our farm in November of 2016 but this farm dream has been alive and growing for far longer.

April Moon Farm is located in Battle Ground, WA and operated by the Klemz Family.  We are a crazy and chaotic family of 6. Allison Klemz is the main farmer with Joe doing the heavy lifting on his days off and our herd of 4 kids jumps in when they can. We are so excited to have you become a part of our farm family.