What is Community Supported agriculture?

Community supported agriculture, CSA, is a unique way to feed your family fresh, locally grown food.  

Throughout the growing season farmers provide shares or weekly boxes of fresh, in season produce directly to their customers.

As a CSA member you get the opportunity to know your farmer and have a relationship with the person growing and harvesting your food.   

Is CSA Right For Me?

Community Supported Agriculture is just one of many ways people who value fresh and local food can support local farmers. CSA's are a great resource and you may be wondering if it's the right choice for your family. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and see if a CSA might be a good fit.

1) Do you value having quality vegetable ingredients that actually taste good?

Taste matters.

If you love to cook and enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients then a CSA might be a great choice for you. Nothing beats a just harvested tomato, a crisp head of lettuce, or a fresh cucumber.

In a CSA you know your vegetables were recently harvested, you can see them growing in the garden each week. So if taste is important to you or cooking is your favorite thing, give a CSA a try.

2) Is knowing who your farmer is and where your food comes from important to you? Do you value transparency in the food system?

CSA is about more than great produce. It is also about relationship.

As a CSA member you get the shake the hand of the person who planted, grew, cared for, and harvested your food. You can look your farmer in the eye and know the journey of your food took to get from our farm to your table.

The CSA relationship goes both ways! As a CSA farmer I love getting to know my customers. I take great pride in feeding your family and providing you with the freshest and best tasting food I can grow.

I look forward to branching out you (and your kids) vegetable horizons, introducing the chickens, or taking you on a garden tour and showing you the asparagus patch or the blueberry bushes. Our CSA members become a part of our farm family.

So if food transparency is important to you, you might want to give a CSA a try.

3) Are you willing to try new foods?


Part of the CSA experience is eating in season. Sometimes that might mean a familiar favorite, a sweet juicy carrot or a crisp head of lettuce. Other times you may not know what an item is in your box.  

We will include recipes and ideas each week but some weeks google may be your friend as you search for how to cook an eggplant or a patty pan squash. 

Food diversity is an important part of a CSA and it helps us and our kids get back to eating seasonally. 

As a CSA member you may bring home items you would never buy in a grocery store and find out that you love them! So if you love traditional vegetables combined with a little food adventure you might want to give a CSA a try.   

4) Do you need control in your menu planning?

As a CSA member you have to learn to be flexible with your menu as you often may not know what is in your weekly box until a few days before pick up day.

Will this spontaneity stress you out? Can you roll with it and experiment with new recipes, new ingredients, or a new way of menu planning? 

5) Do you think CSA produce is the same as the grocery store?

People who embrace the CSA model know that their food can't be compared to what is available at the grocery store. Our food is fresher, is raised with great care, and it's flavor and quality surpass what is sitting on the shelf.  

Each of our CSA boxes are packed with an abundance of local and fresh produce that has been harvested usually with in the last 24 hours.  

Your foods journey has a value. From seed to harvest to table we know the story that your food has. We know the story that it can tell, the story of a farm and a farmer, the story of your food journey. Our CSA boxes are more than what's available at the grocery store. 

6) Are you willing to work at eating the CSA way?

This may sound silly but this is actually really hard. It takes practice and patience to master how and when to eat all the vegetables you are bringing home. It is our goal to help you do this. 

A typical box contains enough vegetables to feed 2 vegetable loving adults or 3-4 moderate vegetable eaters for the week. You can expect 5-10 varieties of vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs depending on the season and availability. 

Like anything else in life it takes time to develop new habits and learn how to eat seasonally. If you are committed to learning how, you can do it! And we would love to help give you tips if you think you are up to the challenge.

So how did you do? Is a CSA is right for you?

If a CSA is the right fit for your family click the sign up button below or click here to read more about the April Moon Farm CSA.

We would love to be your farmer in 2018!

What if a CSA isn't right for your family?

Think about shopping at your local farm stand or farmers market. You can pick up just what you want and still get the freshest ingredients and support a local farmer. Our farm stand will be open seasonally. Enter your email below to get notice of our farm stand hours and what products will be available.